The 3 day diet plan – new video

Here’s how the 3 day diet plan can help you lose 4 pounds in 3 days!

You may think that losing 5 pounds in 3 days must not only be a bit unhealthy but entirely impossible. Well that is not so. If you have a special event coming up soon, or just want to lose some weight, then look no further than our tips on a 5 pounds in a 3 days diet plan. We believe that you know your body better than anyone, so you are the best judge (other your a doctor) on how you can lose weight.

Despite this we feel that everyone needs a helping hand when it comes to loosing weight, so we have put together a few tips on how to make your perfect three day diet plan and things that will help you loose weight on it.

Create your 3 day diet plan.

3 day diet plan that worksNot only do you know your own body and how it works, but you also know your own preferences when it comes to food. However we do suggest that you consider eating certain things to lose weight. For instance have some fruit in the morning.

Fruit is a big part of this 3 day diet plan and is a great way to kick start your day, and fruit such as apples and blueberries have been know to have weight loss effects.This 3 day diet plan will burn body fat! More info in here

Other foods such as unprocessed meats and vegetables are absolutely great for main meals, and when it comes to vegetables, they are very low in calories so they are a great way to fill up. Tasty and fat busting! However on a more serious note, something else we recommend is NOT to let your calorie intake go below 1000 calories a day. This has been know to result in disaster for some dieters, and being happy and healthy is more important than being slim, so never push yourself.